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Peter Bachmaier

The physics of the universe, nature, sounds and innovations have fascinated me all my life. I have always been an absolutely meticulous perfectionist and it has therefore taken me decades to translate these passions into perfect instruments. Each instrument in itself is something unique for equally unique people. With my instruments I create new fascinating worlds of sound. My claim is the highest class of guitar building. I build in very small numbers by hand the best instruments that money can buy.

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grandgtrs 3/2022
Review ORION
Guitar 1/2023
Review ORION
grandgtrs 1/2023
Review LEO
Gitarre & Bass 5/2023
Review ORION

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Exhibition guitars

ORION Fine Dessert III #221003, 6,500 € 5,600 €
LEO Heavy Apple #200502, 4,300 € 3,300 €



Peter Bachmaier – PB Guitars
Eibenweg 5
D-85777 Fahrenzhausen

mail: Peter@PB-guitars.com
web: www.PB-guitars.com

Member of the European Guitar Builders

Finest handcrafted guitars from Germany/Bavaria. Exclusivity, Sustainability, Perfection directly from the luthier.

Grossnoebach is a small village, 20 km north of Munich directly at the B13 between the districts Freising and Dachau. My showroom and workshop are located here.

Parking spaces are sufficiently available. I can arrange good hotels nearby.

For visits, please make an appointment in advance.


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