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My guitars are made exclusively by me in my workshop in Bavaria. My claim is the highest quality craftsmanship in perfection combined with the best and most sustainable materials that you can get after often tedious search at all.

I offer my guitar models in two lines: Progressive and Wood Art.



In the progressive models, the guitar is rethought from the ground up and developed based on the defined requirements. My goal is to provide musicians with a perfect instrument that inspires them to explore new musical paths. The guitar has to fascinate from the beginning in such a way that you don’t want to put it down and get into a long lasting creative flow.

The development of such a new concept is a long process with many experiments and prototypes. More than 5 years have passed until the ORION has reached its necessary maturity. I have been working on the SAGITTARIUS since 2008 and will soon be able to present it.





Wood Art

In the models of the Wood Art line, I build on classic guitar concepts. However, I would like to develop new inspiring design approaches. My wood yard is filled with many fine selected woods with fascinating grains, which have been air-dried over many years. The approach of using alternative regional woods offers the opportunity to move away from classical listening habits and explore new tonal paths. The famous blank sheet of paper can be written on with new ink in the process.



Custom Guitars


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